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I was trying to explain to someone the other day that what I do is not the same as embroidery. I couldn’t describe it very well so I thought I would try to type it out…

When I go upstairs to my ‘lair’, I sit down and start brainstorming what I want my designs to look like. I then put pencil to paper. I draw every aspect of my creation on the back of a piece of fabric in mirror image of the final product. This means when I am writing “Quibbler,” I am writing it backward and then putting it on the shirt the correct way.

I then iron the design onto the shirt so it will not move while I stitch the design. Some of my designs have upward of 4 layers. Each tiny eye, tooth or shirt has a different layer. I then stitch the designs onto the shirt. This whole process takes anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours. It is all dependent on the design.

This is how my shirts are different than your typical embroidery.

My Latest Creations


Such Fun Shirts!


I have another ADORABLE shirt but the picture was TOOO fuzzy  to put into a post. I will post it later when I redo the picture.

I have been working hard!


It’s been a busy busy month and I am excited to say it has also been a FUN month!! We went to Disney with our kiddos and my parents (our children had never been before) and we had Christmas in Alabama as well as in Tennessee! Here are a few of the things I have been working on over the past little bit.

Kelly’s Korner: SUYL What do you make?


I’ve been reading about Kelly and her sweet family for at least a year (since little H was in the hospital.) and love her heart! I have never participated in her SUYL because I never want anyone to see my messy house, ha ha ha! But this one, i couldn’t resist! I am pretty proud of these shirts so I thought maybe I should share them with the world. I make applique shirts. For lack of a better description, they are very much Mini Boden style but with my own little twist. I design everything…no one has the exact same shirt as you or your child. Even if its the same style or fabric. I draw each one individually and cut them out…it’s a BLAST! Please feel free to drop me a line and ask any questions! My deadline for Christmas is December 12, 2010.

Ready to go full speed ahead!!!


I am super excited about promoting T’s by Tam more and more through my website and my Etsy shop.  This is something I truly love doing and would love to bring more and more designs to life! I am posting some of my most recent creations and look forward to feedback from everyone and any suggestions you may have. Please help spread the word by sharing my link of facebook to your friends. Thank you all for your support! With the holidays approaching keep me in mind when you are looking for that perfect Christmas gift, halloween costume, or for your own fun design!

It’s been a long time


I am working on quite a few new designs and cannot wait to get them posted on here. I have a new administrator for my website so hopefully you will see some updated posts on a regular basis!

Updated with some New Shirts ;)


It’s about time this site was updated! I am adding some of the new shirts I have done and am ready for any new ideas you might have with the new year. Bring on 2010!

Pumpkin Shirt


Ok, so I am a little behind on this one 😉

Funky Lion…


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