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I was trying to explain to someone the other day that what I do is not the same as embroidery. I couldn’t describe it very well so I thought I would try to type it out…

When I go upstairs to my ‘lair’, I sit down and start brainstorming what I want my designs to look like. I then put pencil to paper. I draw every aspect of my creation on the back of a piece of fabric in mirror image of the final product. This means when I am writing “Quibbler,” I am writing it backward and then putting it on the shirt the correct way.

I then iron the design onto the shirt so it will not move while I stitch the design. Some of my designs have upward of 4 layers. Each tiny eye, tooth or shirt has a different layer. I then stitch the designs onto the shirt. This whole process takes anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours. It is all dependent on the design.

This is how my shirts are different than your typical embroidery.

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